Seeya Goblin


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The watching Goblin…

Creepy-Cute Handmade Mythical Creature:
Seeya Goblin Fantasy OOAK Art Doll

“Seeya is the watcher goblin that sees everything…
He is that small creak, crack or whine you hear in your house when it’s quiet and you dismiss it as just the house shifting.
He is the rustling you hear outside your window that you assume is just the cat, wind or rain.
He is that eerie feeling you get, the goose-bumps that run down your arms and the shiver you get when you know someone or something is watching you!
Seeya sees you!”

•Seeya Goblin is a cloth and clay fantasy styled art doll.
•He stands approx.23cm tall.
•Body and clothing are made from fine high quality fabrics.
•Hair has been created using soft yarn that has been hand brushed to achieve it’s hairdo.
•Seeya’s face is completely hand sculpted using air dry clay.
•Eyes are clear resin.
•He wears a tiny vial which holds an enchanted potion.

Chiara Venice Art Dolls are made as decoration and would make a lovely collectible
doll for display purposes as they are works of art.
They are not recommended for young children as they are not toys.
Gentle handling & care is advised.
Delicate spot cleaning is recommended only if needed!

~ Handmade by Mandy Murdica
Facebook: @ChiaraVeniceArtDolls
Instagram: @chiaraveniceartdolls

Seeya Goblin is a One-Of-A-Kind (OOAK) Fantasy Art Doll
and will never be identically replicated. He is made by
my own original patterns and designs.
Copyright-All Rights Reserved.

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