Princess Matilda -The Australian Princess


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Princess Matilda -The Australian Princess
This OOAK Art Doll comes beautifully packaged with a complimentary Doll Stand and Certificate of Authenticity.

Matilda’s Story:
Once upon a time in a glorious land called Australia there lived a beautiful girl named Matilda. She was sweet, kind and passionate about all animals.

Matilda met the man of her dreams quit accidentally, a tourist (or so she thought?) visiting the zoo were she worked caring for her beloved animals.

From the moment they met they were propelled on an unexpected wild journey that would lead to triumph and to everlasting happiness.

This impossible man, a supposed visitor to her land…who happened to be a man in disguise…as well as a fellow Australian?…had turned out to be The Prince!!!

The newly coronated Prince of Australia, who’s family had gone into recluse upon the sad untimely death of the Queen.

Now on this special day Matilda has been downed in the most precious of dress. The late Queen’s satin and lace trimmed gown, adorned in roses and jewels. She will marry her one true love and
now Matilda will be declared…

“The Princess of Australia.”

Princess Matilda stands approximately 38cm in height.
She is an original pattern and design.
Her clothing has been originally designed. All of which are made from high quality fabrics.
Matilda’s hair is made from soft specialty yarn that has been hand stitched and felted into place.
Her roses in her hair, hair embellishment, necklace, bracelet, toe sandals and bouquet embellishment are all handmade using satin, glass beads and plastic beads.
This princess comes with a special bouquet of two pink natural look Rose Buds that she can hold in her arms or be displayed separately.
Princess Matilda’s face has been drawn and painted completely free hand using mixed media and her gorgeous eyes have a touch of glitter adding extra sparkle to them.
She has been lovingly handmade with the utmost care & attention to detail.

Chiara Venice Art Dolls are made as decoration and would make a lovely collectible
doll for display purposes as they are works of art.
They are not recommended for young children as they are not toys.
Gentle handling & care is advised.
Delicate spot cleaning is recommended only if needed!

~ Handmade by Mandy Murdica
Facebook: @ChiaraVeniceArtDolls
Instagram: @chiaraveniceartdolls

Princess Matilda is a One-Of-A-Kind (OOAK) Art Doll
and will never be identically replicated, she is made by
my own original patterns and designs.
Copyright-All Rights Reserved.

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