Mr Teeny Tiddlywink


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Come One… Come All!! Witness the Bizarre!!

Step right up and take closer look at this tinsy Abnormalz. Mr Teeny Tiddlywink is a strange little creature indeed, you wont know whether to be creeped out by his missing eye or fall in love with his good one.. and his incy little teeth and bubblicious bottom lip will get you oohing “Awwwww!!!”.

  • This Abnormalz is handmade.
  • Mr Teeny Tiddlywink stands approx. 12cm (4.7″) high and is slightly weighted.
  • This Abnormalz is a One Of A Kind (OOAK) Art Doll Creature and has been made using original designs and patterns.
  • His body is made from fabric (cloth body).
  • Its unique face has been carefully hand sculpted using polymer clay then painted in acrylics. Glitter and mica powders have also been added and then it is all sealed using a varnish.
  • That big vibrant eye is made from is made from a flat marble and its cute little horn has been hand sculpted.
  • Mr Teeny Tiddlywink’s stripy body and spotty ears have been hand painted. His frilly satin orange collar was created just for him.
  • He is purposely made to look somewhat aged.
  • As Abnormalz are hand made, they may have been painted and aged and also may have random marks etc. This is all to add to their personality and character.
  • The ‘Imperfections’ is what makes handmade so PERFECT!

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Name: Mr Teeny Tiddlywink

Origin/Age: Unknown


  • Mimics circus performers.
  • Appears to have played apart in side show performances.
  • Has a unique horn on its forehead and a missing eye.
  • Loves being silly and clowning around.
  • Wears a cute vibrant frilly satin collar.

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