Chiara Venice Art Dolls

I love to design original and creative collectable and decorative art dolls that the young and young at heart will love and treasure!

Creating One-Of-A-Kind (OOAK) original Cloth Art Dolls, truly lets me express my creativity in all artistic avenues!! I love to see my dolls come to life with their own unique look and character. I also crave the freedom to create elaborate characters that I can really get artistic with from classic cartoon and movie characters, animated self portraits, to my own new and original ones!

I can also create a semi-custom art doll upon request if there is an available spot open!

I love that the possibilities are endless!!!!!

Chiara Venice Art Dolls are made as decoration and would make a
lovely collectable doll for display purposes as they are works of art.
They are not recommended for young children as they are not toys.
Gentle handling & care is advised.
Delicate spot cleaning is recommended only if needed!

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