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“Come one, Come all and be intrigued by the other worldly
creatures that have to be seen to be believed!”

These beings have a bizarre and crazed appearance that resemble slight human characteristics that verge on a strange blend of mutation abnormalities.
They are marked with facial embellishments that seem to become apart of them. With unknown origins they seem to have sprung from some twisted other worldly existence or parallel universe.

The quirky little beings have a doting admiration for humans, the animal world and nature that surrounds them. Abnormalz are often caught mimicking there surroundings, idols, masters and animal friends, which can be seen as sweet and endearing or rather freaky-creepy and fanatical. There is an underlying complicated kooky humour and child-like aura that surrounds these odd creatures. They look upon the world with an air of wide-eyed innocence and carry with them a bittersweet heartache for years long gone.

“Curious, clumsy, oddly sweet & strange.
They are made for the perfect side show craze!”

Meet The Artist

OOAK Art Dolls and Creatures. Digital Art, Polymer Clay Food Jewellery.
    Mandy Murdica
    Mandy Murdica
    | Digital Artist | Art Doll Creator | Jewellery Designer |
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